If You Happy and You Do so Claps Your Hands….

If you happy and you do so claps your hands!”
Do you still remember that this sentence is a part of a song? I bet, yes you did. Clasps our hands are one of many ways to give motivation for someone or for yourself. Related to this condition, my little boy has a new behavior, he always celebrate every single thing by clapping his hands. If he can do something new or solving new challenge then automatically he clasps his hands and show to people around him. This condition is very interesting for me. At least, he learned about stimulus and response from his nearest environment, and then he practices it in different way.
Actually, for the first time, I clap my hand when he could do my instruction. For example, “please, put this toy into basket!” and he did very well. But now, not only when I ask him to do something if he feels he can do something good (for example: giving a part of his food to his friend or lent his favorites toys to his friends) or do some difficult task, he will claps his hands directly.
Clapping hands can trigger my child to do another good action. Then I understand that motivation can give a strong influence to children just like in the education theory. Unfortunately, I have not yet success in applying this theory in some of my classes:). Is there anyone who knows what the reason is? 🙂


2 thoughts on “If You Happy and You Do so Claps Your Hands….

  1. sometimes people dont need motivations bcs they already have it..they need 2 b understood 2 b d’way they r..they need love guarantee, so when they make a mistake, they know that they’r not gonna b left alone, they’r not gonna b blamed on and they’r not gonna b let down..they need trust, so they can trust us that they’r bein helped..

  2. Hi Damon,….. glad to read your comment here…. : )
    in some reasons i agree with you, as a teacher we may not blame the students because of his mistake. on the other hand, students should learn from their mistake and not too worry of making mistake. actually making mistake is something natural as a human as a part of learning process, but the point is how to make the mistake as a teacher for themselves to learn not to do the mistake anymore or to do a kind of reflection in order to make something better.

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